Renewable Energy in Taylor County

Much of the extension effort has centered on biodiesel production using restaurant used oil and the standard transesterification process described in home or small farm systems in use around the country to produce B-100.

The literature cited below is a compilation of literature addressing the use of downdraft gasification technology for heat power and transportation needs that was developed during WW II.  Currently the Extension Office is working with local and regional cooperators to get a local gasifier in operation. This should be completed in January of 09. If you have questions please contact me or the office at 850-838-3508.

Small Farms and Gasification Energy  (PDF) - by Clay Olson

Small Farms and Renewable Energy (PDF) - by Clay Olson

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For more information on Renewable Energy, contact Clay Olson at the Taylor County Extension Office at (850) 838-3508.

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