Taylor County Marine Recreation & Waterways

Taylor County accounts for 50 of Florida's 1350 miles of coastline. The coastal environment is somewhat unique in Florida, in that it is composed of salt marshes and estuaries, rather than sandy beaches. Taylor County's coastline is part of the Big Bend Seagrass Beds, which have been designated as a State Aquatic Preserve and an Outstanding Florida Water.

The purpose if this program is to increase awareness among Taylor County citizens and visitors of the value of the coastal environment and to improve knowledge of its navigable waters. Specific program objectives include: support of a safe boating class and development of print and web-based resources that serve to educate Taylor County boaters about safe, environmentally responsible navigation. Additional projects will be listed here in the near future.

Taylor County Restricted Waterways

Steinhatchee River

A slow speed minimum wake zone is in effect from approximately Roy's Restaurant to a point 100 yards upriver of the River Haven Marina.  According to Florida Administrative Code, slow speed minimum wake means "that a vessel must be fully off plane and completely settled in the water.  It may not proceed at a speed greater than that speed which is reasonable and prudent to avoid the creation of an excessive wake or hazardous condition." From 50 yards downriver of the Jena boat ramp to 50 yards upriver of the Jena boat ramp, an idle speed, no wake zone is in effect. Idle speed, no wake means "that a vessel cannot proceed at a speed greater than that speed which is necessary to maintain steerageway." See Aerial photo of Steinhatchee Restricted Water.

Keaton Beach
An idle speed no wake zone is now in effect for the waters within and around Keaton Beach and Cedar Island. See Aerial photo of Keaton Beach Restricted Water.

Econfina River

An idle speed / no wake zone is now in effect on the Econfina River at the end of Mossey Hammock Road and at the Econfina boat ramp.