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Florida’s Coastal and Ocean Future: A Blueprint for Economic and Environmental Leadership

September 2006

"Nothing defines Florida more than its coast. People come from around the world to swim, boat, scuba dive, surf, fish, kayak, enjoy our beaches, and see our unique coastal wildlife. The coast is Florida’s economic engine. But alarming changes are taking place, from plummeting fish catches to outbreaks of harmful algae, dying marine life, and beach closures." According to a new report by numerous non-governmental organizations, the major threats to the health and productivity of Florida’s ocean and coast: unwise coastal development, pollution, offshore oil drilling, overfishing and destructive fishing practices, lack of a comprehensive management system, and global warming. Fortunately, each of these threats can be minimized with targeted and immediate action. View Report (783KB pdf)

View critical commentary on the above report by the Southeastern Fisheries Association (14KB pdf)

Seagrass Meeting

October 10

BEACHES AREA ASSOCIATION TEAMS WITH TAYLOR COUNTY’S COASTAL ADVISORY COMMITTEE TO HOST OPEN SESSION ON THE STATE OF SEAGRASS BEDS. Paul Carlson, Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) scientist specializing in seagrass, will be the guest speaker on Tuesday, October 10, 2006 at 7:00 p.m. at the Blue Creek Baptist Church Fellowship Hall located at 21028 Beach Road at Cedar Island in Taylor County. The meeting is co-hosted by the TCCA, formerly known as the Keaton Beach Community Association, and Taylor County’s Coastal Advisory Committee, a County Commission-appointed volunteer group. Both groups invite TCCA members and the general public to come and hear this important update. The FWC speaker will discuss the current state of the sea grass beds in Taylor County. Sea grass beds have great importance to the community both environmentally and economically as they sustain many species of marine life. “We hope members and other property owners will join us to learn more about the importance of, and current health of our Taylor County’s seagrass,” said Jerry Cawthon, president of the TCCA. For more information, contact Jerry Cawthon at 850.578.2898.View Meeting Announcement (17KB pdf)



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