First-time Home Buyers Education Overview

The First Time Homebuyers (SHIP) Program can help Taylor County families realize "The American Dream" of owning their own home. Education assures that prospective homebuyers are equipped to make a knowledgeable decision the most of this opportunity by helping them prepare for their role as homebuyers and home owners.

The objective of the First Time Homebuyers classes is to help prospective home buyers in Taylor County become equipped to steer through the home buying process and effectively deal with issues such as credit management, avoiding loan default, and maintaining property values through proper maintenance and repair.

Lori Wiggins, Extension Agent III, provides educational programs for prospective home buyers in Taylor County. These programs will help educate potential home buyers on pre-qualifying for a home loan, clearing up credit reports, managing money more effectively, working through the decision of whether to rent or buy, determining how much house they can afford, determining the professionals to work with in home buying, special financial aspects of home ownership, information needed to apply for a home loan, home purchase contracts, mortgage alternatives and maintaining property values through proper home maintenance and repair.

Educational Program content includes:

Interest in Home ownership and Pre-qualifying:

  • A House for Your Family: Buy vs. Rent
  • Developing a Spending Plan
  • Credit Concerns

Preparing for the Buying Process:

  • Finding your House
  • Choosing Home Buying Professionals
  • Negotiation for Your Home
  • Financial Aspects of Home Ownership
  • Information You will Need to Apply for a Home Loan
  • Home Purchase Contracts
  • Home Buyer’s Rights
  • Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Mortgage.
  • Mortgage Alternatives: The Risks and Opportunities

Protect Your Housing Investment:

  • Be a Good Neighbor – Working Together for a Better Neighborhood (Potentially an ongoing neighborhood support group)
  • Preventive and Corrective Maintenance

The expected outcomes of the program include:

      Families will develop and use financial and credit management skills to meet financial needs and obligations.

  • Families will be able to make informed choices when shopping for housing, working with home buying professionals, loan applications, the financial aspects of home ownership, home purchase contracts and mortgages.
  • Families will learn about and assume the responsibilities for home ownership through appropriate procedures to maintain property values.



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  • For more information, email Lori Wiggins or call her at (850) 838-3508.