Enterprise Zone

Enterprise Zone is defined as an economically depressed area that has been targeted for revitalization by a city of state through tax and other incentives given to companies that locate or expand their operations within the zone. The Taylor County Enterprise Zone project allows local business in the Zone to recover a portion of their annual taxes. Additionally...

The Enterprise Zone Jobs Tax Credit allows local businesses who pay corporate income tax or state sales tax a credit for wages paid to new employees who have been employed by the business for at least three months and are residents of a Florida enterprise zone.

The Sales Tax Refund for Business Machinery and Equipment used in an Enterprise Zone is a refund available for sales taxes paid on the purchase of certain business property (e.g. tangible personal property such as office equipment, warehouse equipment, and some industrial machinery and equipment) which is used exclusively in an enterprise zone for at least three years.

The Sales Tax Refund for Building Materials used in an Enterprise Zone provides a refund for sales tax paid on the purchase of building materials used to rehabilitate real property located in an enterprise zone.

The Community Contribution Tax Credit Program allows businesses anywhere in Florida a 50% credit on Florida corporate income tax or insurance premium tax for donations to local community development projects. Donations must be made to an eligible sponsor conducting an approved community development project. The annual amount of credit granted is limited to $2000,000 per firm and $2,000,000 for the state.



For more information on the Enterprise Zone program, contact Clay Olson at the Taylor County Extension Office at (850) 838-3508.