Perennial Peanut Hay 

The Perennial Peanut is a high-quality, persistent tropical forage legume which can be grazed or fed to horses, dairy and beef cattle, hogs, goats, sheep and rabbits. It can be stored as dry hay or silage, and is an ideal substitute for alfalfa. It can even be used in residential and commercial landscaping.

Perennial peanut is well-adapted to dry, sandy soils, and has the potential to persist indefinitely. Perennial peanut is planted using rhizomes, or underground stems, dug from a nursery planting. It does not require nitrogen fertilizer as do traditional grasses and it does not require pesticides for the control of insects or disease. Typical yields in north Florida range from 3-6 tons/acre per year.

Call Clay Olson at the Taylor County Extension Office at (850) 838-3508 or email him at for more information about this agriculture opportunity and visit the resources.

Florida Perennial Peanut Fact Sheet

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